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About Bus Detour

Hi There!
Becca D’Bus here! Welcome to Bus Detour! I can almost hear you asking “what the hell is that” (actually, I can’t, but imagining things is good for you), and so I’m gonna share a bit.

I am a drag queen. I am ginormous. I want to look like a cross between a clown, a hooker and the (rumoured) celebrity VIP entrance at City Harvest church. Now when you are all these things, you can’t really shop for your costumes anywhere, you have to make them. And I do. In doing so, I generate a HUGE amount of fabric off cuts, all shiny, sparkly, bright and gaudy as all heck. All, till recently, destined for the incinerator.


But these colours and textures give me such joy, so I thought I’d share them with you. Bus Detour is a range of products embellished with these off cuts. Currently focused on T-Shirts the range will slowly grow to include other items.


Everything is one-off, and made by me, and sometimes my mother helps out. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.